Saturday, March 13, 2010

Lady Gaga arrives in New Zealand!

Gaga mania has hit New Zealand! She arrived 7am yesterday morning at Auckland Airport greeted by lots of fans and media. Lady Gaga tweeted "Just arrived in New Zealand, greeted at 7am by all my beautiful fans, glitter faces + police. Can't wait to perform the show of a lifetime." Gaga also surprised The Edge radio station by calling them. She told The Edge that she was being chased by her "little monsters" aka her fans. She also thanked The Edge for playing and supporting her music. The outfit she was wearing when she landed in Auckland was shocking and out there, but that's to be expected from Gaga. The boots she was wearing was just hideous. It looks like she ripped the hair off a poor little dog and attached them to her boots. Keep it up Gaga! Can't wait to see more outrageous outfits!

Peace Out!

Tarina xx

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