Thursday, August 8, 2013

Show me the money!

I've been doing some Spring cleaning for the last week. Especially clearing out crap in my room. Yes it's technically still Winter but the weather is more like Spring. Anyways I've stumbled across my long forgotten Romance was Born money clip. This baby was from their AW10 show and it's just utterly cool and kitsch. I guess the essence of Romance was Born. Also I just love this runway shot, it is the personification of the 80's; with the large cellphone and the money flowing out of the briefcase. Opulence to the max!

Wish List Wednesday: Woodland Night Lights

The Still of the Nightlight
I stumbled across these cute porcelain woodland LED night lights browsing the internet as you do. I'm a sucker for anything cute and I have an obsession with bunnies. Am really tempted to buy all of them and at only $12.99 US is not too bad. Probably get extra as little gifts for friends. Buy now at ModCloth

P.S This was meant to be posted on Wednesday but kind of left this post in the drafts section all day. Anyways just wanted to clear up the fact that your mind is not screwing with you and in fact this was posted in the early hours of Thursday instead of Wednesday which this was intended to be posted. I will now stop blabbing on as usual and I should head to bed as I will need to work tomorrow. Nighty!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Hiatus is over

I have not blogged in way over a year. Kinda got busy with a job and getting my personal life in check. I guess being in your twenties is one of the most exciting and scary times in your life. If you're wondering why I've been away, I guess I'm just dealing with being in my twenties.

Anyways I've been drooling over Karen Walker's New Rose collection which came out last week. My favourite being the Bloody Rose Tee. Being a tight arse (as a Russell Peter's joke aka "SMART") I decided to see if there was any chance of me getting this Tee cheaper. I found this amazing Queenstown shop online called Precious Peg who stock the exact tee for $2 cheaper and they even have free shipping! If I had bought it of Karen Walker's site I would have also had to pay $10 for shipping, so a saving of $12 is not bad. That's a free dinner! This got me thinking of people who never look around before they buy, I know $12 on it's own isn't that much money but if you could save a little each time, it starts to add up. I always thought that designer clothes were sold at the same price no matter where I bought it but I have now realised that is not the case and will always try to look around before I buy from now on.

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