Saturday, June 26, 2010

Melbourne: Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3

Have been meaning to post sooner but had some internet issues on the first day and way too tired. I am so far enjoying Melbourne. It is just so new and exciting. Lots of shops and museums which I love. I arrived in Melbourne on wednesday night, so I just spent my time sleeping. The second day the spent the day just exploring the city and visiting the Victorian Markets. It was pretty awesome but the only thing that bugged me was the people selling fake designer handbags. Ewww! Anyways I really wanted to go there for fruit. Man it was a mission finding good apples. Nothing can compare to New Zealand apples but there is not such thing as NZ apples in OZ as they don't import NZ apples ever. My friend and I finally found some decent apples but they weren't very crisp. Oh well I can survive without apples for 8 more days. Stayed in town pretty late as I went to see Tim Burton being interviewed outside the ACMI building. His exhibition is being shown there. Freaking awesome interview but ridiculous crowd. I was also tired on day 2 as I stayed up watching the football. I had to support the All Whites. It was a must win game but it wasn't meant to be. They did NZ proud! Well day 3 (yesterday) was just more town exploring and my friend and I went to this awesome Chinese restaurant and had heaps of dumplings. Can't actually remember the name. Chinatown was awesome and we finally found a grocery shop. We were dying for noodles. The day ended pretty crap as it started to rain pretty hard and we didn't have an umbrella and got completely drenched!

Inside ACMI. I have no idea what the thing behind me is called but it is part of the Tim Burton exhibition.
Outfit: Just Jeans scarf, MINKPINK shirt, Just Jeans jacket, Lee jeans, Converse chucks and Guess bag.

Peace Out!

Tarina xx

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