Monday, January 18, 2010

Chinese Influence!

Hearting the Chanel Pre-Fall 2010 collection. It's not everyday that you see a collection that is influenced by China. I think Chanel doing this collection just shows the increasing popularity of the brand in China and they even decided to have half of the models on the runway to be Chinese, which was a refreshing change. I thought the collection was very chic as usual. I hearted how it looked very Chinese but still very Chanel. The jewellery I thought was the stand out with all the Empress styled earrings and necklaces. Hearted the whole collection! Chanel doesn't seem to be the only ones hearting China at the moment. Prada has commissioned Chinese Artist Yang Fudong to create a short film for their Spring Men's ad campaign.

Peace and Heart

Tarina xxoo

Photos: Courtesy of Chanel and Prada


  1. Hi there Tarina! I <3 your blog! I also think it's refreshing to see Chinese models on the runway. I'm sick of all the same old Russian girls. It's good to see diversity! Keep up the good work.

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