Friday, May 21, 2010

New DVD and Music

I've been searching around for ages trying to purchase one of my favourite movies Days Of Being Wild . I eventually got it yesterday. Yay! I think the movie is a true masterpiece. It's about a man trying to find the identity of his real mother. There's more to the movie but I don't want to give too much away incase someone is about to watch it. The cinematography by the way is absolutely stunning. I also purchased Ladyhawke 's self titled album. I had been meaning to purchase it ages ago but I was denied the first time because there was only one copy left at the Warehouse but the CD was missing. She is definately one of my favourite New Zealand musicians. Her sound is very disco pop but also with elements of rock. Her song "Paris is Burning" was used in the Chanel Spring 2009 runway show. Everyone knows Chanel is all about good taste. Another CD I purchased was Paramore's first album All We Know is Falling. I just love Paramore and I had to have it. Hayley's voice is just amazing! She always hits the right notes.

Peace Out!

Tarina xx

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