Sunday, July 31, 2011

Happy Birthday Harry!

So today we celebrate the boy wizard wonder Harry Potter's Birthday! No coincidence it is also J.K Rowling's Birthday too. I'm sure everyone has already seen the last Potter film Deathly Hallows Part. 2 right? Well if you haven't, get your butt to the nearest cinema to see it. I have to say it is quite a good film. Did cry really hard during the bit where Harry finds out the truth about Snape. I'm not too embarrassed to admit this as there were tonnes of people crying during the Midnight screening.
Anyways I hope J.K has an awesome Birthday and I am forever grateful to her for writing the series of books that I've enjoyed since I was 10. I'm 24 now so that's 14 years of unforgettable memories!

Tarina xx

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