Thursday, June 30, 2011

I'm Back!

You guys are probably thinking why hasn't this blog been updated? Well I've been really busy working on a few projects and I have also been spending my hard earned cash on fancy things that I will share with you tomorrow. I have been enjoying watching NZ's Next Top Model on TV3 every Friday at 7:30pm. This season has been really good. I especially like the Kristen Stewart lookalike Bianca. She's seems really geniune and kinda geeky. I always root for the geeks! Also my other favourite is Aroha. I am really glad that the judges have decided to put a "plus sized" model (in brackets because to me she doesn't seem or look plus sized, but I guess if your standing beside stick thin girls I guess you could call her plus sized). Aroha had won the challenge last week and she was so humble and so nice. How can you hate a nice girl?
None of the girls have been put in the bitch category yet but I think that's all about to change this week according to the ad for this weeks episode, it seems that Tyne will be this season's bitch.

Tarina xx

Photos: Courtesy of TV3

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