Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Music Month Tees

New Zealand Music has come along way. I know that I've been supporting a lot more New Zealand musicians. Just looking through my iTunes five years ago, I barely had any NZ music. Maybe it's the fact that radio didn't really push NZ acts or it might just be the fact that NZ music is just getting better. Every year there are new designs of the NZ Music Month tees. As usual there is the classic black tee with white target logo, both in womens' and mens'. I have been told by my Mum that I'm weird because I buy the same tee every year (the classic black and white target tee) but my argument is that they're not the same, the year on the back is different. Either way I'm not going to buy that design anymore as I'm actually really liking the black with pink target one. The tees are all for sale on Hallensteins website or instore for $29.99. I prefer trying before buying though, so I'll pop instore.

Tarina xx

Photos: Hallensteins

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